lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

Información de la campaña

Añado nueva información sobre la campaña de Eclipse Phase:

Las primeras aventuras tendrán lugar en el cinturón de asteroides del sistema solar (entre las órbitas de Marte y Júpiter)

Cito textualmente lo que pone el libro sobre ellos, son cosas básicas que vuestros personajes saben:


"Spread out over a massive region between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, the belt contains a few hundred asteroids greater than 100 kilometers in diameter, over a thousand objects greater than 30 kilometers in size, and countless smaller ones. Despite this, the total mass of asteroids in the belt is only a fraction of one of the inner planets, meaning that asteroids are spread out over great distances. A spacecraft flying through the belt is highly unlikely to encounter an asteroid unless it deliberately navigates toward it.


The rich, easily accessible mineral deposits in the Belt were a major link in transhumanity’s first steps toward the outer system. Automated mining and high-impulse ion boosters enabled outer system colonists to move metal-rich Main Belt asteroids into the orbits of Jupiter, Saturn, and beyond, where metallic asteroids are much scarcer. This activity continues to this day as transhumanity pushes fur- ther out into the system.

HABITATS (Cuando habla de Hábitats se refiere al lugar en el que la transhumanidad habita, valga la redundancia XD)

Hundreds of small habitats, mostly involved in pros- pecting activities, dot the belt. Distant from Earth, settlements in the belt were largely spared the devas- tation of the Fall. Both hypercorp and autonomous outposts flourish here. Derelict habitats abandoned when nearby asteroids were boosted into the outer system or depleted are common here as well, although some of these are now occupied by residents who are best left to their solitude. "

Nota: Añadiré como extra que utilizaréis el medio de transporte de "Ego-Casting" ya que las distancias que tendréis que recorrer serán muy grandes y no tenéis tiempo que perder, el tiempo apremia 0_0 .

Título de la 1ª Parte de la campaña

He estado pensando en el título de la 1ª parte de la campaña de Eclipse Phase. Si no decido cambiar de opinión se llamará "El Templario"